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Women have the innate sense to connect to their health & wellness. As a breast health educator, Joyce encourages women to explore and experience alternate means to a healthy lifestyle. She teaches women to love, nurture, and protect their breast health with essential oil education and with a demonstration of a lymphatic self breast massage.

Watch video and learn more here: Lymphatic system. As she continues to learn, Joyce offers presentations and classes about the effective benefits of quality essential oils  She knows their value in enhancing other modalities and services. 

Learn more about Healthy Girls® Breast Oil. Experience for yourself how beautiful this blend is to nurture and protect your well being on all levels. Read testimonials from women who have experienced therapeutic benefits of Healthy Girls® Breast Oil.

Joyce is available to teach the nine steps to natural breast health. She will explain the importance of the lymphatic system using the Lady Lymph™ poster and illustrations for doing the lymphatic self breast massage.

Many women, at some time, have experienced symptoms such as congestion, pain, and tenderness in their breasts. Some women have had breast trauma from mammograms, needle aspirations, cosmetic changes, surgery, and intense emotional fear of what might happen. Learning to use simple formulas and techniques gives them simple answers to complex concerns.

Presentations vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on content desired. Being in a busy world can cause us to overlook the fact that our bodies need our loving care daily.

Joyce Sobotta

Joyce Sobotta

Breast Health Educator

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