Self Love for Best Breast Health

Our physical and emotional aspects of our body thrive on self-love. Self-love is trending now but what does it mean to you? Are you concerned about having the best breast health possible? Do you want to learn ways to start becoming aware of your body and messages you receive daily?

The primary way we learn is by making mistakes and by being aware of what our body is telling us. We have symptoms that indicate something is not right. We have seen or felt this symptom before. There may be a pattern of the symptom repeating. Most likely there is a correction we need to make just like driving a car on slippery roads and we go into the ditch. So, we learn to take extra time and ease on winter roads in Wisconsin. With our body it may be necessary to change a pattern to start to experience breast wellness again.

The lymphatic system needs movement to optimize its ability to remove toxins. There are more changes we can do to help it fulfill its job of keeping out bodies healthy.  

Nine self-love steps to guide us  

1) Start with good nutrition and avoid foods that cause sensitivities and allergic reactions.

2) Drink plenty of quality water every day with lemon in your water upon awakening. Blood and lymph need water to carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

3) Breathe deeply and slowly from your diaphragm for natural movement of lymph.

4) Stretch and exercise regularly every day to increase oxygen in your cells.

5) Give yourself a loving, gentle breast self-massage daily and let your breasts jiggle without a bra at least some of the day and especially at night. The more pleasure you experience the more healing it is. 

6) Use pure essential oils to detox, balance, and stimulate the immune system.

7) Make life style changes to go from fear to love, with EFT, meditation and other healing practices.

8) Adapt an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness to set yourself free.

9) Check into thermography, a non invasive test of physiology, for your breast screening

Consequently, you want to take these nine self-love steps to have assurance you are on the road to a peaceful and endearing life for your best breast health. Start today!


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