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DIY – Create essential oil blends for you and your family

Did you know the benefits of quality essential oils go far beyond the pleasures of scent? Essential oils are very complex and with correct knowledge and use can be helpful medicinally.

The “life blood” in plants has similar molecular structure as blood in the human body. That is why they work so well carrying oxygen and nutrients to all the cells.

Are you aware that the FDA has no regulations in labeling essential oils? Companies can use any words to describe the content in their bottle. Choose essential oils from a reputable company, who believes in highest standards of purity and ecological sustainability. Choose a company that tests for best quality control and the finest aroma for the most pleasing experience.

Have you ever wished you could know how to create essential oil blends for yourself and family? It is really very easy with a little knowledge about basic essential oils and how to put them together in a blend.  A blend always works synergistically to address more than one aspect of a condition.

Essential oils are very concentrated, and it takes very few drops to make a dramatic effect. A standard dilution is 10 drops of essential oil in 1 oz of carrier.  When making a blend for the elderly or very young children, always dilute with more carrier oil.

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Holistic Approach to Using Essential Oils

Quality essential oils are probiotic or “for Life”.  Learn which essential oils to use for different effects on physical conditions…Muscular, Respiratory, Digestive, Circulatory and more.




“The PDFs are very informative. I use them for reference all the time”

“Fantastic and fun to learn to make my own essential oil blends”


Raise Your Vibration with Essential Oils

Did you know essential oils have the capability to interrupt an emotional pattern of stress? This interference helps tame the brain, calm, refocus and shift the energy. Learn how certain essential oils with their unique frequency and purpose help bring about awareness and emotional well being. Gain appreciation, and self-esteem as you experience essential oils and their unique benefits.




This is a great experience on my journey of awakening!”

“I loved learning this way and always ready to learn more”  

“I really liked the information about the lymphatic system and breast health”

“I loved learning about essential oils for my massage business”



Health and Beauty with Quality Essential Oils

Pure essential oils are effective in cosmetics and beauty treatments as anti-aging agents. Their properties work to stimulate skin cells into reproducing at a faster rate, and by protecting the body against free radicals, believed by many scientists to be the greatest cause of aging. Cells that have been treated with essential oils become strong, healthy and more balanced in appearance.






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Health and Beauty with Quality Essential Oils


1) Recipes for happy and healthy feet (common conditions such as sore, cold feet, cracked heels, plantar warts, stiff joints or hot tired feet.)

2) Recipes to make personal care products such as toothpaste and deodorant

3) Benefits of using Healthy Girls Breast Oil with a loving lymphatic breast self-massage

4) Explore and experience magical effectiveness, protection, balance and improvement in your health and beauty.


A Time to Clean Green


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Supplies for your DIY Products



Aromatherapy Natures Way Hand & Body CremeOrganic Hand and Body Cream

Unscented blend of Organic and Natural Seed Oils, Certified Organic Shea Butter & Hemp Seed Oil. Certified organic botanical extracts, rich in fatty acids for optimal skin nutrition. No nut oils, no harsh preservatives. Soften moisturize, tone, and rejuvenate the skin. Safe and gentle for sensitive and delicate skin. Effective for use in making your personal blends for face, hand, and body. 8 ounce pump bottle

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One-ounce blue cobalt sprayer bottles   (6)

Create your own essential oil spritzers with water or massage oil and place them in the handy to use 1 oz spritzer bottles.The water spritzers can be used as a facial toner or a pick –me-up during the day . Using a massage oil carrier as the base, you will spritz the blend into your hand and rub it on your body where needed.

6 1 ounce cobalt bottles with sprayer and cap


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Also available as Two-ounce blue cobalt sprayer bottles (5) $10

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One-ounce blue cobalt jars (6)

Create your own essential oil creams and place them in 1oz blue cobalt jars for personal use or for gifts. From my experience a 1oz jar lasts a long time, depending how often you use it and how much you use. Be sure to label which essential oils are in your creation.

6 1 ounce cobalt jars with lined caps.

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I recommend using quality essential oils that are produced by companies known to be respected, with high integrity and knowledge in the industry.

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