Taking matters into your hands may be a step toward understanding that breast health is your business, not the doctor or anyone else. Breasts may be the most important body part a woman has and the most neglected.  Women often feel that their breasts exist for the pleasure and benefit of someone other than themselves. Caroline Myss notes ”the major emotion behind breast lumps and breast cancer is hurt, sorrow and unfinished emotional business generally related to nurturance”

As far back as the 1800’s, medical literature has noted associations between breast cancer and loneliness, sorrow, rage and anger.  Women with breast cancer frequently have a tendency toward self-sacrifice, inhibited sexuality, a tendency to hide anger, hostility, or an unresolved conflict.  Suppressed feelings, especially anger over many years can cause adverse changes in the immune system.

Women can learn to nurture their breasts with enjoyable experiences, such as a warm bath or shower as they explore and fondle their breasts. A warm bath with gentle movement of the breast is wonderful for reducing pain and tenderness. Breathing from the diaphragm with deep breaths, may be the best lymph mover and so easy to do while relaxing in a warm shower or bath.

Lymph nodes look like a chain of small pearls lying next to blood vessels.  As the blood sloughs off toxins and debris, lymph fluid picks it up and transfers it to the lymph nodes to process it and take it out of the body.  The lymph does not have a pump. With lack of body movement to flush out toxins, virus, bacteria and germs, it becomes congested which can cause fibrocystic, pain and tenderness in the breast.

It is a good idea to notice how your breasts are different in shape and size from each other. Look at your neck, armpits, collar bones, breast bone and your rib cage. Bend forward and allow the breasts to hang out. Gently move them up and down and side to side as in a phluffing technique. Gently make finger presses in circles around each breast and nipple. Press your flat hand up and down over the nipple area three times or more. Gently jiggle each breast as if it were Jell-O.  Stroke up into your armpits and down the sides of your rib cage another three times.  Add a few drops of breast oil and rub all over and tell them you love them just he way they are (so important). The more pleasure you feel, the more healthful the exercise

This simple routine with your hands  every morning or evening are first steps in taking matters of your breast health into your hands. Breasts love exercise, running, dancing, walking, laughing, singing, showers, body brushing, bouncing on trampolines and any form of movement to move the lymph fluid.  The breasts love hugs. Offer them often because you always receive one back.

Certain essential oils formulated into a breast oil, complement a self breast massage by stimulating the lymphatic system, nourishing and balancing the immune system. Once beneath the skin, essential oils go to the inter-cellular fluid surrounding skin cells and enter the blood stream. They travel to the internal organs and the lymphatic system where they stimulate the immune system to ward off infection and disease.  Learn more about essential oils for breast health here: https://www.aromatherapynaturesway.com/healthy-girls-breast-oil/

The most important thing to remember is that we each have the innate ability to take matters into our hands when it comes to our breast health.  It is beautiful to ask and receive support from family, friends, and professionals. As we go through these lessons we are transformed with a better understudying of why we needed to experience it.  We become stronger and more confident.